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Characteristics of tantra programmes

A tantra massage is an exclusive form of massage, with a long tradition. This tradition was widespread as a philosophy, connected with religions as well. To be more precise, it was Buddhism and Hinduism.

Nowadays, our salon in Bratislava is offering a magical experience in form of tantra.

How we would describe a tantric massage?
It is an erotic massage, so you have to be open-minded and ready before the whole process. Our programmes have 4 things in common:

small gift

1. Before and after the massage itself, you have to take a shower (due to hygienic reasons)
2. You will learn how to perform a namaste ritual (connected with tradition)
3. You will have time after the massage to enjoy the feelings you have
4. The masseuse will give you a small gift

The most important part – massage programmes and their short characteristics
1. Classic tantra- It is a type of tantric massage, that is suitable for newbies. You will be the receiver of energy of the masseuse.
2. Body tantra- it is performed by a masseuse as well, but she is massaging you with her whole body
3. Body mutual tantra – You also become the energy provider
4. Secret dark tantra- it is a secret programme until you experience it
5. Tantra rain mutual- It is also a body-to-body massage, followed by a session with a masseuse and a shower
6. Sensual tantra – intimate massage which includes a massage of the prostate
7. Special tantra- tantric massage with sweet gifts

počas masáže

8. Magic tantra – Masseuse in exciting lingerie, massaging you with her feet, repeated massage of your intimate parts
9. Couple tantra – massage suitable for couples, body-to-body tantra with masseuse and masseur, mutual massage
10. Double body- two masseuses, you will be the receiver of energy
and Double special- Two masseuses, mutual massage with a sweet gift
11. Deluxe tantra- it is for women only, one-way massage ends with cuddling
12. Exclusive tantra- it is for women only, mutual massage with a sweet gift